Lena Katina facts

Full name: Katina Elena Sergeevna
Date of birth: October 4th, 1984
Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
Parents: Sergey Katin (father) and Innessa Katina (mother)
Siblings: Ivan (half-brother) and Katya (half-sister)
Grandparents: Asia Nikitichna (grandmother)
Marital status: Unknown [1]
Education: #457 general school (1991-2001), #30 musical school (1992-1999), MSGI (2001-2007)
Musical groups: Avenue (1992-1995), Neposedy (1995-1998), t.A.T.u. (1999-2009)
Musical instruments: Piano
Height: 5'3" (163 cm)
Shoe size: 37/38 (EU) [3]
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Red
Religion: Russian Orthodox (Christian) [?]
Pets: Umka (dog) [4]
Favorite color: Light pink [5]
Favorite TV show: Grey’s Anatomy [6]
Favorite band: Roxette [*]
Favorite author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky [*]
Favorite book: Poushie v Ternovneke by K. Makkalou [*]
Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite drink: Earl Grey tea [*]
Favorite candy: Confetteria Raffaello [*]
Favorite flowers: Chamomile, Irish daisies, May lilies, Forget-me-nots, Tulips, Gerberas, Blue cow wheat, Golden-cups, Centauries

* ^ Confirmed by Russian fans
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Credit: lena.allmylove.org