“Well, not brilliant, but normal. It’s from school. I studied in a special class and we had a great teacher. And practice, of course. We spend a lot of time abroad, and the language improves when you talk in it. When I came to America for the first time I could hardly talk, but I learned in some time.”
– Lena Katina on English, Dorogoye Udovolstviye magazine

“We know each other for a long time and I suspect that he’s also our fan (laughs). Frankly speaking I’m not into this kind of literature. I like deeper books, classic stuff. Books you can read between the lines. But anyway it’s interesting to look at yourself from the outside.”
– Lena Katina on “TATY COME BACK”, Dorogoye Udovolstviye magazine

“Sometimes it seems that this is it, it’s here – and then it vanishes somewhere.... There’re many various quotes about love, many novels are written, but not a single one answers what is it exactly. I think I know it, but maybe in five years I’ll fall in love so crazily that all I had BEFORE will not be counted.”
– Lena Katina on love, Dorogoye Udovolstviye magazine

“You know, [for example] right now in man-woman relationships the word love means something else. People keep telling each other hundreds of times, ‘I love you, I love you.’ And then they break up just like that, ‘Oh, it wasn’t really love.’ My loved one didn’t tell me about love for a long time. And once I told him, ‘you know, I see you have feelings for me’. And he answered, ‘the word love loses its value when you say it every day. The same as ‘good morning!’ and I like you.’”
– Lena Katina on love, Russian Reporter magazine

“I think that people have no rights to dictate other people what to do. Recently I had a rough talk about this with my close friend. Talk about gays, that they’re the same as we are. Why should they always be beaten up, humiliated, insulted and told they’re out of health and they’re actually nasty and horrible and that it should be forbidden to contact them? It’s a pure discrimination. Why can’t they just go and declare their rights? In the gay-capital San–Francisco it’s called ‘love-parade’. Everybody comes there. The local gay-community just makes it a holiday for all people. And my friend answered, ‘You know, what if I don’t want my kid to see it. I don’t want him to become gay.’ And I told him, ‘All right then, close his eyes! He’ll learn about it and you won’t be able to change something if he makes a decision.’ It all depends on persons’ disposition.”
– Lena Katina on gay pride parades, Russian Reporter magazine

“Time heals everything. If your heart gave you a hint once that you don’t need this person... You can’t go twice in the same water. You should go on with your life, new people will come anyway. If you’re destined to be alone, you will anyway. If not – it means that your kind of person is on the way.”
– Lena Katina on love, Russian Reporter magazine

“Each artist determines his limits himself. The main thing is to realize what do you do it for. If there’s shock for the sake of shock, then who needs it? It’s senseless.”
– Lena Katina on shock, Best For magazine

“And, by the way, when you really think about it and scroll all the years and all the events in your head, then you understand there’s no wish to change anything.”
– Lena Katina on change, Best For magazine

“I hate photo sessions. I mean as a human being. I’m ok with interviews, I love singing, I love filming videos. But when you stay and smile at a lens – it’s dumb. I know we need it, people want to look at us. I love to see the result myself afterwards. It just seems to me that there’s some contradiction in this: To record such serious, thoughtful albums such as ‘Lyudi Invalidy’ or ‘Waste Management’ and at the same time to show off here.”
– Lena Katina on photo sessions, Maxim magazine


“There’s no point to call music trendy or and not trendy. For example, I can listen to ‘Beatles’, ‘Scorpions’ as well as some young artist who sings, ‘I love you, you don’t love me’… It’s a question of taste, everyone chooses the things he or she likes. I have no specific preferences. Sometimes I just turn on the radio and listen to what they play.”
– Lena Katina on music, Rossiyskaya Gazeta magazine

“I want my kids to choose what’s interesting and actual for them. They will have their road in finding themselves. I chose what to do in life myself. I’m very grateful to my mom that she didn't tell me, say ‘You'll go to law school’.”
– Lena Katina on growing up, Rossiyskaya Gazeta magazine

“If there are offers, I would try it. But no wish to play film in some soulless soap opera, that are innumerous now. A movie where one can read between the lines would be my choice.”
– Lena Katina on acting, ZD magazine

“We are not trying to ban abortion. We’re asking people to be responsible, people must learn to wish children, and not to wish their death in the bud. We talk about a state of your soul, about psychology, about inner harmony, not about laws and bans. As a believer I can say that children are a gift from God which you shouldn’t reject, even though your life is hard or unsettled.”
– Lena Katina on abortion, ZD magazine

“Actually for me drugs have always been the strongest taboo. So many people told me – one day you’ll try it anyway, but so far I didn’t and not going to.”
– Lena Katina on drugs, OK! magazine

“You always need to stay the way you are, I think. Otherwise your personality simply gets lost. You may love, respect, listen to the music, be carried away by the songs of somebody, but to copy somebody is silly. For me it's wild. You will never be another person anyway.”
– Lena Katina on copying artists, Izvestiya magazine

“It's true love. Honest, with no lie, no flattery, no fakeness, without all these bad qualities. Love – it’s the most beautiful emotion on earth! I think that it is very difficult to love. You’ve got to know how to do it. Because sometimes you think that you love, and you still hurt a very close person. The happiness is not about being loved, desired, worshiped, but in feeling all this yourself. To care, to show attention, to have the ability to accept the person as he is – this is love.”
– Lena Katina on love, Cosmopolitan magazine

“Music is love. It’s an expression of love. Many people write about their feelings. Romances, ballads – I’m talking about songs with meaning. That’s why love is music, and music is love. And besides, when you love, you want to sing. At least I do.”
– Lena Katina on music and love, Cosmopolitan magazine


“Nastya was the only person who believed in me. The only one. My mom walked around laughing at me. When I said: ‘Mom, we're going to record a song!’ she would ask ‘What song? Ladushki-ladushki? (classic babies song)’. And Nastya always told me that I’m talented, and that I’ll be famous. We walked near a CD shop, and I dreamt that someday CDs with my songs will be sold there too. And Nastya would say: ‘Of course, they will’. No one ever believed in me as she did.”
– Lena Katina on her best friend Nastya, Bravo magazine

Credit: lena.allmylove.org